Saturday, 11 September 2010


So...if we were to invest a little more into the 'Fashion-as-Health' metaphor, (which is relevant because everything this summer has been surgery related - have you seen the Stella McCartney cape from her AW10 Collection? And did you know that your prescription will take 2-3 days?) then you could say that fashion is experiencing a much needed detox. It seems really, since the photographic pixelated prints of Autumn/Winter 09 and the drawn out horror of completely unnecessary sandals, that we have been undergoing a bit of a fashion breakdown. Basically, Spring Summer'10 had an overdose and sympathetic designers and buyers have sent her packing to an exclusive 'retreat' where she, Grace Jones and possibly 'H' from Steps will reflect on bad habits whilst drinking white tea over muslin tablecloths.

Anyway, the important thing is that the detox is underway. To most people, this means a time of discipline after a period of over-indulgence. You cut out carbs, drink a lot of nettle tea and eat copious amounts of spinach. The fashion equivalent follows the same principle. Strip back to things that are good for you. Perfect tailoring, classic archive pieces that have been tried, tested and applauded, fabric that speaks for itself and items that don't need 200 studs and a zip on each shoulder to look designed.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Meeting Manolo

One queue, one book, one purple suited spaniard.

shutters of lakones

Just returned from exploring greek villages in paleocastritsa. Three of the things I've learnt on my greek adventure are that decaying, run down buildings are much more beautiful than slick perfection, european supermarkets are more exciting than words, and if you bring three books, two thought provoking intellectuals and one trashy stiletto-emblazoned front covered follow on from the Devil Wears Prada, you will always read the later. And then pine for trash for the rest of the holiday. Lesson learnt.