Thursday, 20 May 2010

Inspiration Number Two

Number two is a bit of a major one. Ever since I sat watching Amelie before going to school one morning I've loved the style of Jean Pierre Jeunet. Not only is he a great director, but he has this amazing warmth in his cinematography (even when he's making films about shop owners who eat their house guests.) He is often part of the pair 'Jeunet et Caro' who is a comic book writer which explains why the films are so playful.

In an interview Jeunet talked about his inspirations stemming from the everyday things you watch and listen to. Every time he hears a funny line or has an idea for a bit of dialogue or a character, he writes it on a scrap and puts it in a box. When the box is full he opens it and makes a film. He is a master of low tech visual effects and his films usually feature strange inventions spewing wires, glass eyes and brass nuts and bolts.

This is a trailer for Delicatessen, one of his better films. He uses the same actors for most of his films and like actors who use their faces like clowns. There is an amazing scene in this film where a room fills with bubbles. You should definitely watch this.

And of course Amelie. The girl who made all women want to cut their hair into a bob. The girl who made good deeds completely a la mode. The girl who made it alright to stare at your neighbours with a telescope. All of those things and also Nino Quincampoix. I defy any girl to spin head over heels with Nino Quincampoix. This film makes your fall in love with life.

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