Wednesday, 12 May 2010

two things I forgot...

I was adamant that I was volunteering for Margaret and wanted no money, telling her it was the most fun I've had in a long time, so to say thank you for my rummaging she gave me a lovely skirt that used to be a christening dress (I guess you have to see it really...) and a miniature pair of wooden clogs which are now getting to know my keys.

And the other thing. The not-such-an-old-blog annoyed me so I deleted it and made this new one. While I think I'm making a good decision I find things like URLs very tricky to decide on because its so permanent. This is why I could NEVER have a tattoo. I change my mind all the time. So if I could get the Blogspot administrator to remove my tattoo and copy all the information over to the new one, (like I did this new blog) then I could get a tattoo of something and not be so worried. But all the time it involves lasers and discolouring I will be staying tattoo free.

This was meant to be about my new blog. Not Tattoos. Hi new blog!

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