Friday, 28 May 2010


I know absolutely nothing about film cameras. So when I found this big ol heffa on a stall at a carboot at Brighton Marina I just marvelled at the lense and focused and re-focused over and over again. It was super heavy and had a lovely leather case. £10. Deal.

The next couple of hours scouring flickr albums and forums I discovered that it was a camera made in the 1970s and is now supposed to be the 'original pentax'. I managed to find a manual online by someone helpful enough to scan the whole thing. Not only very useful but the design is lovely.

I had to really psych myself up to start shooting though. When you know you only have 36 photos, they become really valuable. Each photo is considered and requires patience. It sort of trivialises photos taken on digital cameras. No hours of editing 50 photographs all exactly the same but a little bit different.

Plus, the suspense of not being able to see what the photo looks like after you taken it makes developing the film and looking at the photos for the first time an amazing present.

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