Monday, 31 May 2010


A couple of months ago, I sent some old family photos into Scott Schuman, who writes the Sartorialist. He wanted to see vintage photos which encompassed style and nostalgia. I spent a lovely morning with my grandmother, chocolate croissants, and hundreds of black and whites. I learnt a lot about my family, little anecdotes which I hadn't heard before and how important it is to map our lives in leather bound photograph albums instead of on a hard drive or memory stick. Above is my grandfather, Ian. To say that he had a certain 'joire de vivre' doesn't really cover it.

My grandparents had a Morgan and they went on rallies in St Tropez and Monaco. Theres a cabinet full of old art deco style flyers and posters from the rallies. Bright colours, open tops and headscarfs. This is on the Brighton seafront, and my uncle, Simon is acting as my grandad's second.

Buddy Holly and Elizabeth Taylor

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